Why StrawberryFrog created “Movement Marketing”


Hello! Welcome. Thanks for scanning and joining us here. We hope you’re comfortable, fully inspired by the idea that a brand can identify, curate, lead or sponsor a MASSive movement. We’d love for you to belong to this movement for “Movement Marketing, because it’s not fair and it’s not right that brands should still be regulated to traditional thinking and old fashioned advertising. 

We have been creating movements for brands since we started StrawberryFrog back in 1999. It’s been a long road and we’ve learnt a thing or two about sparking movements along the way. Naturally as you’d expect, all of this learning has sharpened our way of doing movements faster, better and smarter - with a heck of a lot more fun in the mix!

Movements represent the future of advertising — because increasingly, “the movement is going to be the medium”! Movements are going to be the ideal platform — not TV, not online ads, etc — for reaching people in an environment that is authentic and effective, and that gets people to carry your message for you.

Big companies are starting to figure this out. We’ve created lots of Cultural Movements of our own for our clients over the years.

But “Movement Marketing” is never easy, you need a culture inside your agency that understands how to identify and activate a movement to turn marketing into a sustainable endeavor instead of a traditional advertising campaign. 

"Movement Marketing" requires a radical rethink because it turns many of the old rules of marketing completely upside down. 

-        Instead of being about “the individual” it is about the group;

-        Instead of being about persuading people to believe something, it is about understanding & tapping into what they already believe;

-        Instead of being about selling, it is about sharing;

-        Perhaps most radical of all, it requires advertisers to stop talking about themselves – and to join in a conversation that is about anything and everything but the product.

At the outset of any brand movement, our first task is to identify the idea on the rise in culture. Then the Frogs find those people who present the greatest opportunity to belong.  For them, Cultural Movement works three ways:  1) they’re interested in the offering, 2) their values and the brand’s values are the same, shared values, 3) they are activist about brands that matter to them, spreading the message to others like them.

Brilliant creative ideas connect with people on an intimate, personal level. Then they prompt them to relay that idea to others.  This is turn accelerated the brand’s uptake into the cultural conversation, creating a Cultural Movement.  Once your Cultural Movement begins, great creative ideas leads to the next great ideas, consumer engagement leads to new consumer engagement, and the brand goes from static to kinetic.  Every marketing dollar under a Cultural Movement works harder, faster, and lasts longer.

It’s been said that even one man can move mountains.  With Cultural Movement, even one brand can move the world.

For more information about StrawberryFrog and our “Movement Marketing” model, please email alice@strawberryfrog.com